we are what we wear black and blue kimono

Installation view at
the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
San Jose, CA (Aug 2012)
(right:) Black Kimono and Obi
micro-controlled LEDs
fabric, thread, paper
(left:) Blue Kimono
fabric, thread, wood
16' x 8'8" x 5"

"We Are What We Wear Series” explores the idea about the sense of the shifting influences of technology and the stabilizing influences of traditional culture. The original theme came from my mother’s formal, silk kimono which I inherited. I designed an urban landscape on my handmade kimonos and the obi (the sash) with micro-controlled 480 LED lights running on freeways. I thus transformed the typical form of the kimono through the sensory data of a new technological environment, creating a contemporary, electronically embodied kimono.