we are what we wear black and blue kimono

Installation view at
the Triton Museum of Art
Santa Clara, CA
(July 2012)
(right:) Blue Kimono
fabric, thread, wood
(left:) Black Kimono and Obi
micro-controlled LEDs
fabric, thread, paper
22'10" x 7'11" x 5"

I used materials and technologies from both new and old. Exemplifying one of the latest technologies, micro-controlled LED strips are woven into the centuries-old textile of the kimono and an obi (sash).
I designed the kimono's motif with the urban landscape. The design and patterns of intertwined freeways and freeway traffic represent one of the symptomatics of contemporary society as well as issues which it presents. To demonstrate this, I transformed the traditional form of the kimono through the sensory data of a new technological environment, creating a new, electronically embodied kimono.